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The History of the Apostoloi Village


The village of Apostoloi is located in the Heraklion prefecture of Grete and belongs to the municipality of Kastelli, at a distance of 31 kms from Iraklion City.

It is named after the church of saint Apostoloi.

The oldest reference to the village was found in a 1279 contract,when the village was feud of Leonardos Gradonikos. When Crete was occupied by the Turks, in the village, there lived Christian and muslim families.

Today the village has a few inhabitants who are farmers.



The Cultural club of Apostoloi

The Cultural club of apostoloi was founded in 1994. The purpose of the club is the intellectual and cultural progress of the inhabitants of the village. Also, it helps to solve some local social problems. Additionally, it takes care for the entertainment of the inhabitants.


Some of the activities of our club are:

- Exhibition of traditional arts and crafts.
- Exhibition of photography.
- Participation in the Carnival festival of Kastelli.
- Organisation mousical - theatrical performances.
- Organisation of informative lectures on medical subjects.
- Organisation of tours on Crete and the rest of Greece.



When you visite our village you can see:


The Church of saint Apostoloi

It is dedicated to the Apostles - patrons of our village.Its name is celebrated on the 29th of June when we organise a traditional festival.






The Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity)

It is the central Church of the Village.






The Church of Agios Georgios
(Saint George)

It is a Byzantine Church. Its wall paintings (frescols)are of special historical and artistic value.








The Church of Agios Georgios (Saint George)

It is located at the west entrance of the Village.








The Cultural Center

It is an old stone building. In the past, It was the school of the village. Now, it has been repaired and it houses the Cultural Glub.





The koutouto

It is a fountain with water from a spring. During the period of Turkish domination, it was used by the Turks to prepair themselves before they entered the mosque which was located at the opposite building.





The Eftheia

It is the road which connects the village with the town of Kastelli. There are rows of eucalyptus trees on both sides of the road.






The Apostoloi plain.

It is lush with olive trees and vineyards.






Contact Inforation: info (at) apostoloi (dot) org